(1) To enable new generations of researchers and graduate students to learn about the intellectual, scientific, and practical contributions of AbuSulayman as a luminary of contemporary Islamic thought, both in the realm of innovation and ijtihad in fields of theoretical knowledge, and in practical reform efforts and institution establishment.

(2) To analyze the distinctive methodological features of AbuSulayman’s intellectual contributions, especially as they relate to epistemological integration and its methodological foundations.

(3) To clarify the reformist impacts, both theoretical and practical, of the school of thought AbuSulayman helped to found; and propose programs of research and action that will contribute to ongoing ijtihad and innovation in this school.

(4) To identify innovative solutions to the challenges faced by modern-day Muslims by drawing inspiration from the innovative project of Professor AbuSulayman; and to benefit from the reformist and renewalist vision he offered toward better understanding what is required in order to reform contemporary Islamic reality