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Turns out his name is Michael J Witt from Maspeth, NY. Goes by “Ace”. I still remember walking down the canvas corridor of the tent, where the live alien was kept. And the temperature within the tent was over 90 degrees and very humid. The doorman explained that the alien had come from a planet that circled close to the sun and he needed a hot environment to survive. The first exhibit was the “frozen alien”, the live alien was kept in an outrageously hot condition. In fact, when entering the live alien tent, the heat was terrible and humid and it smelled disgusting, and it was very dark.

15 YEARS and yet cannot show an ounce of proof that he has ever trade live more less profitable. Even you Mongo,must at some point realize what a fool you look like with these endless BS advertisements. BTW, so glad that the bright, intelligent and open-minded have reached out to me to ask my https://currency-trading.org/ personal experience within the Ace method…YOU are and will continue to be rewarded. Glad you were able to remove yourself from the pin-headed, inept and closed-minded Emmettian mindset… and not continue to listen to this Douche’ bag. I mean just read the CON-report on Emmett Moore below.

No successful trader I know learned to trade in a day. Truth of the matter is…your assessment of Keys or S&R is solid logic but a bit shallow in it’s totality of “the whole”…And quite frankly, is sony stock a good buy I’ve seen no one put together the “whole package” as does the Ace-inator. I mean how many people can project “targets” on ANY market and OFTEN to the tick and WELL in advance.


That “Ace” doesn’t trade isn’t excusable in the way of Sean Foley going on to coach golfers, because at least Sean played the game. If the internet was not so anonymous, I would swear that you are “Ace” trying on his feminine side. For some of you, Ace may come across as loud, arrogant, boastful, intolerant, egotistical, etc., etc., but to know him is to love him. He is also kind, encouraging, delivers more than expected, and shares bits about himself as appropriate, so you get a sense of who he is.


I had to DUMP all my years of the worthless crap I knew about indicators, fibonacci, blah, blah, blah and START OVER. It was tough but man, do I see the light NOW…it’s simply a mind altering trading journey. Major Moron’s nonsense posts is what the shills put in the testimonials and on investo scam you. No evidence what so ever of profitable trading, just pure fact less complete nonsense posts. You then go to their site and they have their shills screaming how they are making so much money.

I have been on the BullsEye alert…

Yo Leg Humper…do you actually read your posts before you post them? We’re talking trading here putz…so if Ace were to show you a screen-shot, email, something with numbers on it…you’d actually believe it? Do you know why SOME people don’t show you their results? A) thy don’t have to, b) they don’t care if you join or not c) too many people are faking statements with the advent of Graphic manipulation technology so what’s the benefit and d) see a) above. Understanding the importance of each or these trading rules, and how they work together, can help traders establish a viable trading business.

Bullseye Trades with Jeff Bishop is the “Go To Training of Raging Bill”.

Mini-leaders like this get born every up-cycle. Happens all the time in crypto, and in the US markets. If the issues around him being a scamter r real, then we should all write to NFA/CFTC clowns and tell them to stop him. Once i was taken in by scamters from New mexico trading under the name , but the clowns at NFA/CFTC never helped me. I do not believe a word of what he said and would not trade any of his setups or methods.

Frequently Asked Questions about Bullseye Traders

I’m a communication science student who has taken more than a year off. You certainly understand the feeling of not doing anything while parents work and others are busy with their studies. The scenario of my life changed and I was still thinking about overcoming it. I really frustrated thinking of work that can be done . I have the skills to design, but there are a lot of situations that have to be taken into account. Also, when you’re ready, you can add money from your work to further increase the size of your account.

So, showing more actual winning trades are also a good thing of course. On that second topic, I Imagine you’d display a recent actual trading setup that you took based on your strategy, that you executed accordingly, but then unfortunately the market still stopped you out. You had just brought great fact to the notice of traders. Now I am off work medical reasons so there I was thinking I can dive into trading boy did I learn quick.

Mr. Bishop along with all the RB educators are top notch. I like the mix of different styles and personalities. I admire their capabilities to educate in real time scenarios as well as being diligent in writing articles and creating archives of useful information. Each Wednesday for the three months of the review, I’ll send you a report on the previous Monday’s trade.


So you join and what happens; you just lose money and are like how can that be. After all Major Moron is making so much money. And they just say you have to just work harder. Then you spend thousands of hour and just continue to lose again and again. The bottom line it has nothing to do with you and how you are trading their method; the whole thing was one big scam. Ha ha, I’m already IN THE LIGHT dog bone…and YES, I paid $3500 – best money ever spent brother.

His logic being that no one deserves proof of anything but you shut down every doubting Thomas by simply sharing verified trading statements from your live account. + 7/8 ES as ACE called targets to 2031 (hit!), Oh, another member had 10+ 6B , Oh, and GC/CL? Scalped those mother’s for +30-40 tickeroonies. Emmett, Self-promotion via pseudonym is enabling ‘Ace’/Mongo to hijack your superb review and devolve it into something along the lines of his infomercial site ‘acetradesreview’.

Gotta give him 10 out of 10 for his undoubtedly expert line of bullshit though. The man’s a real master in that respect. I was going to sign up for a free 3 day trial but no way after reading your report.

good morning hey i love the bullseye…

If you cannot afford to loose $ 100,000.00 dollars in any single year this system is not for you. The base equity required in any discipline is roughly spreadco saturn trader 100k. That’s the price of admission into a rare and magical playroom that very few ever get to enter and where some build a lifetime of fortune.

I matched his video to my live ThinkOrSwim video and it matched tick for tick every day for 6 months. Ace stresses use of a simulator to learn his system, and he is absolutely right. Using his system takes some courage, since it is a bit different than others I have seen. Sorry but I think your review if very simplistic and unfair.

I have used the system for 5 years because it works and is simple to understand and use. Once I learned the system, real estate broker vs agent I never waited for him to “call” again. I get them in advance and have trained myself to mentally act on them.

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