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I have suggested clearly in previous blogs how I think AA’s 12 recovery programme helps specifically with problems of emotion dysregulation. For example, one variable I believe is slightly different in alcoholism to other affective disorders is distress based impulsivity which leads to maladaptive decision making, it leads to always wanting more of that…that anything. Sins I believe are the poisoned fruit of fear, often helped along in alcoholics by false pride, shame and guilt. These defects are related to me being an alcoholic, they are intrinsic to my condition. I sin so naturally, effortlessly and usually without even trying. I believe my so-called defects of character are linked to my underlying emotional disorder of alcoholism. Alcoholics and children of alcoholics have a tendency to avoid emotions in fact and to use emotional reasoning when arguing a point.

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Shameful secrets can fester in the dark recesses of our minds and inflame our hearts with recrimination and resentment. Sorry for being so direct in this blog, it is a message of hope, there is a way to completely turn your life around. Who has been where you have been, felt how you have felt. Hence his first day of sobriety is taken as the first day of AA, although the AA organisation as we know it today took longer to come in to being. Now at least I can see how I react and can take steps to deal with it. I relate to my fellow human beings when I am not in fear or shame.

Spirituality in Recovery Means Freedom

The solution is so beautiful, healing not only us but often our loved ones, too. But we do not ever get so well that we can stop taking our new, better medicine – we can only remain under the protection of our daily reprieve if we busy ourselves with the maintenance of our spiritual condition. This mesh of negative emotions can link up fairly instantaneously I find. It is the web my spiritual malady seeks to ensnare me in. I would suggest in relation to the spiritual malady meaning issue of co-morbidities that one try to deal with these alcoholism related issues and then see if there are any other to deal with afterwards. For me, as someone who has been treated for anxiety and depression prior to recovery the 12 steps appear to have treated these as emotional consequences of my underlying condition of emotion dysregulation which I call alcoholism. These things were true to some extent, in fact, to a considerable extent with some of us.

Readers are urged to seek professional help if they are struggling with a mental health condition or another health concern. Thriveworks was established in 2008, with the ultimate mission of helping people live happy and successful lives. In addition to providing exceptional clinical care and customer service, we accomplish our mission by offering important information about mental health and self-improvement. We can also see this as years of not being able to regulate our negative emotions properly, if you wish to see them as sins. The 12 steps were influenced by the Oxford Group who said sins cut a person off from God, and that there was such a thing as sin disease. Everyone in recovery has secrets they would rather not disclose, but there are not many “original” sins as one suspects and that haven’t been shared in 12 step recovery. Bill Wilson had got this idea of abnormal, or allergic reaction to alcohol, from a physician, Dr Silkworth, who had treated him at Towns Hospital.

The Peace of God from the God of Peace

Of course, as long as we have minds, we will make judgments about people and situations. On a basic level, judgments about our surroundings help us survive. But with the help of the tools in 12 Step Recovery, our clients have the opportunity to catch these judgments before they harden into harmful prejudices. We are dedicated to providing you with valuable resources that educate and empower you to live better. We reference authoritative sources that provide additional value, and we also enforce a tiered review process in which at least three individuals — one or more being licensed clinical experts — review and edit each piece of content before it is published. In addition, we frequently update old content to reflect the most up-to-date information. Still, others look to their personal interests—such as art, exercise, or even their career—for personal fulfillment and purpose.

My inventory of steps 4/5 showed me that my long lists of resentments were mainly the product of emotional immaturity and responding in an immature manner to not getting my way. I do not believe I have the same spiritual malady as other normal people such as those people who were in the Oxford Group. Especially being alcoholic more often than not, it is our nature to have that “my way or the highway” mentality. Intellectually, believing in something we cannot physically see or a scientifically proven exists is a hard pill to swallow, those intellectual individuals shut the idea out completely. These core beliefs make it harder for us to connect with a god of our understanding. What the book says is that the only thing that will solve our drink problem is a spiritual awakening, spiritual experience, attitude adjustment, or psychic change. People like us are obsessed with the thought of controlling and enjoying our drugs or alcohol. The biggest problem is that our mind buys the lie that the next time it will be different. William James wrote the book The Variety of Religious Experiences in 1902 and it is a book that is actually talked about in the book Alcoholics Anonymous.

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For many struggling with alcohol use disorder or alcohol addiction, the only way to overcome these feelings is to embark upon a spiritual program of action fearlessly. Many of us felt that there was something wrong with us or something missing—in short, we felt different from other people. We couldn’t understand why the people surrounding us could feel happiness or contentment, so we turned to drugs and alcohol as a means of self-medicating our perceived shortcomings. From our time spent feeding our addictions, we feel that the opposite Sober House begins to happen. Rather than providing a feeling of relief, we find ourselves in a perpetual “dark night of the soul,” cut off from any sense of spiritual comfort. As we mentioned above, spirituality can change in definition and practice. It’s all about finding the activities that bring you joy, help you cope with stress, and ultimately find a greater meaning and purpose in life. If you’re in addiction recovery (or you’re not) and you’re interested in tuning into your spiritual side, the above serve as great starting points.

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It is strange paradox, the more you focus on helping others, the more you discover how much you matter. Thoughts like we can eventually manage our lives while in active addiction. The reason we cannot just quit is that our mind constantly has us believe that we can control and enjoy our drinking. No matter what the consequences were in the past, our mind will be obsessed with the thought of drinking. For many folks, including myself, ‘the spiritual’ aspects of recovery can be a challenge. We tend to show up with a truckload of old ideas in this area and a lot of us consider ourselves to be atheists.

I could identify when he went on to say, “the spiritual malady refers to a derangement of our thoughts, beliefs, and emotions. These things are out of whack and not aligned.“ The process of recovery is useful to remedy this problem. Although there are clearly issues that the 12 Steps do not address clinically, there is also something to be said to looking towards to spirituality spiritual malady meaning in recovery as a necessary piece of the puzzle of recovery. This does not necessarily meaning God, a Higher Power, religion or any other traditional aspect of spirituality but instead looking at spirituality as connectivity, relationships, love and purpose. Regardless of beliefs, a spirituality of open-mindedness provides the opportunity for a new experience of life.

  • What many people do not know is that the disease of alcoholism is deeper than an allergy and mental obsession.
  • Intellectually, believing in something we cannot physically see or a scientifically proven exists is a hard pill to swallow, those intellectual individuals shut the idea out completely.
  • The three must be addressed to find healing, recovery, and to live life sober.
  • It is the web my spiritual malady seeks to ensnare me in.
  • We can not rely on our thoughts and feelings or, in other words, our Self Will.

This means those things that are not solid- such as our thoughts, our beliefs, our emotions- are what is spiritual. When we say that alcoholism or drug addiction is ‘a spiritual malady’, it means that our disease in centered in these things . Alcoholism and addiction are diseases of a three-fold nature that affect us mentally, spiritually, and physically. First, we have the physical allergy to drugs and alcohol, meaning that people like us can’t safely use alcohol in any form at all. Once we start, we can’t stop – no matter how badly we want to. What many people do not know is that the disease of alcoholism is deeper than an allergy and mental obsession. Our alcoholic life is really the symptom of a spiritual malady. We can see the joy and freedom of the program of recovery. But we must remember that our solution provides us a daily reprieve.

What Does AA Mean By “Spiritual Malady”?

What is important though is that we strive to be a little better every single day and never give up on our spiritual journey in recovery. Our spiritual malady never just goes away and stays away on its own, it requires a constant spiritual connectivity and effort on our parts in our programs to keep it and the subsequent alcohol and drug abuse at bay. So long as we make an active effort to address our spiritual malady every day, we will find relief from it, one day at a time. When we search for this higher power of our own understanding, we begin to address and resolve the spiritual malady, the lack of power dilemma, and all our other problems. Luckily for us, there is a solution to alcoholism and addiction. It can involve many other types of help, professional or otherwise, and often includes any number of therapies as we strive to heal and become healthy and whole. I have sought refuge from my negative emotions in alcohol, drugs and other addictive behaviours.

It is this that propelled my addictions, this inability to deal with my negative emotions. I dealt with them externally via addictive behaviours, not internally via emotion processing. In order to illustrate how I believe my spiritual malady is the consequence of my emotional disorder, called alcoholism/addiction first let’s go back to where this idea of spiritual malady came from. Anxiousness, depression, and boredom are a few other factors that contribute to being spiritually maladapted.

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